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Bicycle Engineer/Frame design
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Hi All.
Looking for an experienced cycling Engineer to design frames. Work on a project basis to start; knowledge of computer 3D modeling and FEA a must; remote location OK initially.
We are a start up company in the DC area; ground floor opportunity for right person; product will compete against the best players.
Please respond with CV to wxlrarch@aol.com; ASAP.
Thank you.
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Re: Bicycle Engineer/Frame design [velo13] [ In reply to ]
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My dream job....why did I study electrical engineering? why?...:)
If I have a chance let me know, I can catch up quickly with what ever I don't know especially computers programs.

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Re: Bicycle Engineer/Frame design [mosheperi] [ In reply to ]
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It's not the computer systems that are hard. Its the ply layup and construction techniques that will eat your lunch. Ask me how I know. :\ The first time you get an undiagnosed Tsunami ripple in your base ply, or resin starvation due to inadequate VARTM feeding, you'll feel like bangin' your head on the tooling.

If you're interested in the industry software, check out Rhino3D, Solidworks, CATIA, Fibersim, Ansys, etc. There's a fair number of design videos on youtube for CATIA, but they generally don't cover fiber layup. Also, check out some books by NIU about composites.

Also, since most of the high end bikes are going to DI2, your EE experience could be helpful. Aerospace has been running wire ribbon through the composites for years, and it won't be long until the bike industry does as well. At that point, they're going to need help dealing with inherent capacitance, interference and crossover. There's really no reason DI2 can't work off embedded tape, since we do it in aerspace all the time.

Anyways...there you go. Knock yerself out. :)

Punching cockroaches from day 1.
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