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Available: Business Analyst
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I have 5 years as an industrial engineer in a semiconductor mfg environment. Even though my past experience is in that niche area, my skills can be applied to many different industries. The greatest assets that I posses are my ability for process improvement and organization. In addition to that, I am an excellent liaison between customers, developers/engineers, and management due to my ability to understand their needs and requests and to be able to simply convey complex ideas to many different audiences. Project management and data analysis are two other areas that I am very strong in as well.

With my skill set, I am looking for a business analyst opportunity, preferably in an IT related area. With my ability to learn new things quickly, I would be able to contribute positively in a very short amount of time at any opportunities that will come up in my future. I am currently located in Austin, TX, but I would be willing to relocate if the right opportunity presented itself.

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Hey Eric - it looks like we're in a bit of a similar spot with our experience and what we are looking for as a next step. I noticed a couple months ago on LinkedIn St. Jude Medical had several BA jobs posted. It doesn't look like there are any open in Austin anymore, so I don't know if that means they are all filled or what, but it might be something for you to check in to if you haven't already. Also, if you know anything about this company, I'd be interested in hearing it. They have several locations that I would be interested in potentially relocating to - including Austin.

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