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Available: Architect / Construction Project Manager, international experinece
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Here is a brief description of my qualifications. If you are interested, I will send my resume. Thank you for your consideration!

I have over 17 years of combined experience as an architect, interior designer, and commercial construction project manager. In my last job, I worked up to Vice President of Business Development and Marketing for a large commercial construction company. As a Project Manager, I typically handled up to 6 projects at one time, and was often the most profitable PM for the companies I worked for. I am highly motivated, very meticulous, and always professional. As VP of Business Development and Marketing, I manager two office in two cities, did presentations, wrote proposals (RFP/RFQ), attended and presented at trade shows, and more.

I have worked in the Washington D.C Area (I was involved in the D.C Convention Center Project), Philadelphia, the Pacific Northwest, and overseas in Germany and Kenya, East Africa. I have extensive experience with Government project, have worked as an architect or construction manager for the CIA, the National Maritime Intelligence Center, Department of Homeland Security, the US Embassy (Kenya), the United States Agency for International Development, and others. I held a top secret clearance (not current) for several years while working in the Washington DC market and overseas. I am a Natioanlly Certified Sustainable Building Adviser, one of approximately 300 in the USA.

Thank you for your time and consideration!

Eric Petersen, CSBA
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