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Assistant Race Director Position--Seattle
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BTO Multisports, a young and growing race directing company in Seattle, is growing for the 2011 race season and is seeking to hire an assistant race director to help manage the races. Read on below for a further description. Please PM, email at porter@btomultisports.com or call at 206-437-1627 if you are interested.

Job Description:
BTO Multisports is seeking to hire an additional race director for the
2011 season. We have a number of new races and need another race
director to assist. The year would be structured with the first half
of the season as a training period, where you would observe the head
race director, helping to run the races, and learning as much as
possible. In the latter part of the season, you would be the race
director for at least one race.
The demands of the job vary with the time of the year. This position
would start on Monday, January 17th. During the first few months
(January to March, approximately) the job would be approximately 10
hours per week. From March to June, approximately, the hours would
bump up to 15 hours per week. Finally, during the season of July and
August, expect to be working 20 hours per week. It should be noted
that these numbers are all gross estimates and hence flexibility on
your part to meet the needs of the business are much appreciated.

Job Requirements: (Most of these are not absolute requirements but
certainly help to make you a stronger job candidate):
-live in the Seattle area, at least from May to August (requirement)
-Familiarity with USAT Sanctioning Process
-USAT Race Director Certification
-Experience with multisport competition as an athlete
-Proficiency with Microsoft Word, Excel, Google Docs, Skype, Twitter,
-Excellent organizational skills
-Attention to detail
-Ability to multi-task
-Networking skills/connections within multisport industry

Why this job rocks:
You get to do what you love! Race directing is a very rewarding
profession. You will feel tremendously satisfied as you work to put
on quality races for your fellow athletes. Also, BTO Multisports is a
brand that is emerging in the Seattle area and is going to be
successful. We emphasize sustainable, athlete oriented, reasonably-
priced events. We look for support from local businesses, not
corporate giants. This is your chance to become a part of a fantastic
organization at its beginning stages. Lastly, aside from the 1-2 days
prior to a race, this job is exceedingly flexible. Work from home,
work from a coffee shop, work from a beach, I don’t care, as long as
you do a good job!

Salary: DOE
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