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A good book for those job searching and for others too
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First let me say I don't receive a penny if you buy this nor do I care if you do. And, I don't care if you make fun of me or the book, particularly if you haven't read it from start to finish. I just believe that the american dream is still alive and that many smart and energetic people on slowtwitch should read this. And, if I can pass on what seems good to me to others and even effect one person positively, than these few minutes I took to share this will be worth it. What you choose to do with the information, is your choice. I read it a while back. It is pretty darn good. And, I know there is a lot of entrepreneurial people on this site, so I hope it helps those people and others. It is not scammy or anything like that. The book tells things as they are, and if you want financial independence, it doesn't hold back - it is a lot of work!

The website is as follows. http://www.themillionairefastlane.com. The book is on the site. And, I think a few chapters are there too. A friend got one for me, but I think you can read a few chapters free online. The title is a little "over the top" and even the author elaborates on why he does this later in the book.



Running is the best source of fiber that I know of...
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