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which bike has the most stack?
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I've got an outlier human looking for a new tri bike, and have done a pre fit.
He is 6'7" tall, with a 1006 mm inseam. Yep - you read that right.
Torso is long, but not proportional to his height.
His super long legs have him on a saddle height of 910mm, and with a 90 mm saddle to pad drop, he needs a TALL bike.
Pad stack and reach (center of pad) is 820 / 485
Finding a bike with enough reach is not a problem. Finding enough stack without going crazy on stem spacers, stem angle and pedestals is.
Looking for a tri bike with a standard stem (not superbike).
Suggestions welcome!

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Re: which bike has the most stack? [GoBike] [ In reply to ]
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the tallest frame stack I'm aware of is the Scott Plasma at 600.
doesn't velogicfit have a frame finder? :)
The real problem is that the steerer length from the factory is rarely longer than 300mm
Plus, beware of seatposts that aren't long enough either.
I just had a guy with a saddle height of 932; with a 61 Cervelo he did have at least 5cm of seatpost still in the frame.

Anne Barnes
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Re: which bike has the most stack? [GoBike] [ In reply to ]
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Felt B-series, Specialized Shiv put on the right bar and you will get there and as Ann already suggested the plasma as well. And we put a rider with in inseam of 104 cm on a P2 at a saddle height of 94 cm with a Cobb JOF55 and that was the max of the seatpost.

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Re: which bike has the most stack? [GoBike] [ In reply to ]
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With stock equipment (using all the spacers and flipping the stem to +), the Felt can get to 793 mm armpad stack. Put some Profile Design Aeria bars on there and you'll get to 820, no problem.

Scott Plasma4 in a 58, by comparison, can get to 761 with stock equipment.

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