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gebioMized questions
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I have a few questions for those of using the gebioMized pressure devices:

- Did you attend a formal training session for them, or did you just figure it out on the fly?
- Do they work well with snub-nosed saddles like Adamo and Fizik Tritone?
- Do you offer the service as a stand-alone, or only as a supplement to a complete fit?
- Have you seen an increase in your fit business traffic since you implemented the service?
- Are you pleased with the system and what it's done for your business?

Thanks in advance for your time.

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Re: gebioMized questions [tom@a-lounge] [ In reply to ]
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instruction - phone conversations to get going with the set up. you can go to Germany for classes or to AZ.
learn as you go, take notes with your questions.

it does add value to fit business - yes, but riders in your community may not care about this fit equipment.
It's like the early days of Retl. It is the future wave in advanced bike fitting tools.

can be used in conjunction or as stand alone equipment.

works with all saddles however, you have to understand that pressure mapping from on a Joff will be different from a Cobb Max due to rider contact point on saddle.

Also hard pedaling will be different from soft pedaling. Just like any advanced fit system it's a tool only and you have to know how to interpret the data.

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