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Things to sell in my bikefit studio?
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Hi everybody,

Right now i´m located in a bikestore, but in a month i´m getting my own place with a lot more room.

do you have good ideas what to sell in the store besides stems, saddles etc?

Here in Denmark its pretty cold in the winter, so there is also off season with bikefits.

do you have any good ideas for more business in the winter?

Best regards


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Re: Things to sell in my bikefit studio? [JTroelsen] [ In reply to ]
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Hey Jesper, have been thinking about your question for a few days.
Congratulations on the big move - going to be a big challenge for you.
When you say "things to sell", I am wondering if you mean actual product? Because 'things' can be bought anywhere. And you don't want to be sitting on inventory in Dec/Jan/Feb.
Change the word 'thing' to the word 'expertise', or something that people can only get from you.
If you have space, do you have room to run FTP testing and coaching? Enough room to run indoor training classes?
I'm in Chicago - so winter here is just as dark as Denmark - many shops will clear a space on the weekends and hold Computrainer or 'bring your own' trainer classes. It is also a good time of year for people to attend clinics on training or mechanical classes.

In the winter people still want to be social, so be creative about the space you have to support the community you serve.

Anne Barnes
ABBikefit, Ltd
X/Y Coordinator
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