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The Tour de France is over withdrawal starts tomorrow
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Happy Freedman· New York, NY ·
.The Tour de France is over withdrawal starts tomorrow. Time for the recap. Great racing amazing performances and tons of crashes. About the crashes I have a theory. When I first started racing all the pros had bike built for them. Basically everyone got a custom frame or two or three or four. Bicycles were built for specific tasks some for Hill climb’s some for long road stages and others for time trials. It was built out of steel and later titanium. Teams had special workshops just to provide the pros they sponsored special bikes. Today's bicycles are carbon fiber basically the same bikes are in the shop .It has the same geometry is the pros Road in tour. This means the Pro bike racer is not getting the ideal fit but the marketing department is getting the ideal bike .we don't very seat angles or top tube lengths to compensate for different torsos and flexibility .Chain stays are fixed and so are head tube angles. the only fit tools you have making the rider comfortable and efficient on the bike are by changing stem length , stack height ,bar width and drop seat post offset and saddles . Gone are the days when we built the bike around the body and riding style of the cyclist.
Today's pros are highly skilled .I think we should provide them with the best possible equipment to conduct races safely. A poorly fitting bike does not help the bike handling skills of the Cyclist riding it. Here I go again pontificating about bikefit.
But I am a bike fitter

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