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Question on numbers from bike fitter
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Good Morning:
I have a tri-bike that I always ride, but am doing a race in FL on a friends P5. So I went and got fitted on the same size P5 locally and the fitter gave me all the numbers to transfer to my friends bike. However I'm a little confused so I hope you can help. I have the following:

Stack to center pad: 631mm
Reach to center pad: 513mm

Stack to center saddle: 742mm
Reach to center saddle: 180mm

Center of pad to shifter: 300mm

Can someone possibly transfer these to one of those bike diagrams so I know what I'm measuring when I put it on the bike I'm borrowing? Some of these make sense such as pad to shifter and stack to center pad, but then others don't seem to make any sense given the numbers the fitter wrote down.

Thank you!
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Re: Question on numbers from bike fitter [Am00re34] [ In reply to ]
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This "fitter" should have given you the definition of terms. Call them and have them send to you.

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Re: Question on numbers from bike fitter [Am00re34] [ In reply to ]
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Those X/Y coordinates are directly off the fit bike/machine and software, easier to work with the correct tool (an X/Y tool!)

The saddle x/y is relatively easy to proscribe, although the 'center of saddle' measurement point is specific to some Fitters. If we assume same saddle between bikes then ok. Normal SX/SY is taken to the point center of clamp a the rail. Secondary measurement of saddle height and setback is taken from BB.

The pad X/Y is the struggle, especially with the P5 as there is less room for maneuvering. To be more helpful your fitter should do the Cervelo P5 Pad Stack and Reach worksheet, as this prescribes the spacers under the bar etc. If the bike you are borrowing is setup as "Xtra low" and you need the High V, there is great misery in totally dissassembling the front end, hydraulics and installing all the correct bits (assuming borrowed bike owner has them).

Anne Barnes
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Re: Question on numbers from bike fitter [ABarnes] [ In reply to ]
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Thank you. Your post along with some other online research I figured out all the numbers and what they were measuring.

Hopefully this will get me close enough and a few rides will allow me to tweak as needed for my race.
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