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Pricing for "unauthorized" followups
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Seeking some information on how people price followups to fits when the client does something on their own that you did not suggest.

I normally charge $150 per fit (close to market rate where I live), and follwups are included until the ft is "right". I have a very small percentage of clients who love to mess with their fits - trying the latest saddle, changing seat height and/or angle, swappin in new components that change the fit, etc. The intention of my "free followups" is that the goal is to get the fit right, even if that takes a followup or two. I've been fitting professionally since 2001 and in practice only about 5% of clients require any followup.

How do folks here price for followups that are a result of the client doing something on their own that screws up the fit you did?
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Re: Pricing for "unauthorized" followups [vjohn] [ In reply to ]
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Welcome, Vjohn, see that you are a new user?

A great question, one that comes up in the fitter circles somewhat frequently. The range is from truly 'lifetime unlimited' to a $50 co-pay everytime the customer comes to your business.

There isn't a true consensus, everyone sets the line according to their market or preference. However, for those occasions where you feel that you are being taken advantage of (especially if the rider is the one futzing around with things) just be honest with them. Your time is valuable, and the work was done. He has come to you for your expertise, yet he is off buying saddles (not from you) and expecting your expertise?

As the body is always changing, your policy of saying "until it's right" clearly leaves you in an exposed position open for interpretation.

You may not need to change your policy, other than saying "good for X months" or "one year". Think also how a mechanic views his work: bring a bike in for a tuneup, it leaves running fine. Rider plays with the barrel adjuster, installs a new chain, or whatever, and suddenly the bike doesn't work well. If the shop has a 30-day guarantee on the work done, this is for the completion of the contracted work as it leaves the shop. It is not a subscription to an open-ended labor agreement (like a lease)

This type of question will be part of a roundtable at CABDA San Diego and CABDA Chicago, perhaps we will meet?

Anne Barnes
ABBikefit, Ltd
X/Y Coordinator
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Re: Pricing for "unauthorized" followups [vjohn] [ In reply to ]
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Agree with Anne...fitters vary in pricing and handling follow-ups. I guarantee fits for two months, meaning follow-ups are free during that time. That’s plenty of time for someone to adjust to the fit, give feedback, and come in for modifications; but typically not so long for their body or equipment to change. I’ve never had any complaints with that policy. I also follow up with an email to every client after 2-3 weeks, looking for feedback. That keeps them on a short leash, while providing a great opportunity for testimonials. Good luck with your fitting!

Doug Baumgarten
Director, Sportfit Lab
IBFI Level 3 Bike Fitter
Marymount U. Triathlon Coach
Exercise Physiologist
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