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Fizik 3D Flex Moldable Insoles and Molder
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These are some high-end Fizik Moldable Insoles and the molder. Quite a few fitters were using these a few years ago. This is the remaining stock from a closed bike shop. Asking $25 per pair for the insoles, or make me an offer on all 21. I also have the molder for sale. Make an offer.

3 xxs (37-37.5), 2 xs (38-39), 7 s (39.5-40.5), 1 m (41-42), 5 large (42.5-43.5), 1 xl (44-45) 2 xxxl (47-48) $25 per pair or all 21 for $350 pic1 pic2 pic3

Molder and accessories
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