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Bike fitting tool feedback - Easybikefit
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Hello all,

I am a web developer and a wannabe athlete so I've come up with a free web-based bike fitting tool that would help not only triathletes but also road bike cyclist fit better on their bikes. The site can be found here https://easybikefit.appspot.com and I would really appreciate your expert feedback on the usefulness of it and any other suggestions of improvement. You can reply in this forum or use the feedback form from the website.

The site is in beta now, so there might be some issues here and there.

Thanks a lot,
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Re: Bike fitting tool feedback - Easybikefit [alinmx] [ In reply to ]
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New release available! Includes the possibility to use your webcam for dynamic fitting and also configurable angle ranges.

Follow our facebook page for latest news: https://www.facebook.com/easybikefit

Website here: https://easybikefit.appspot.com

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