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About this forum
This is a forum for professional bike fitters, and those who teach bike fit, who provide equipment and tools for them, and for the bike, saddle, handlebar (etc.) manufacturers who make products with an eye toward how these product ought to fit.

This is a forum that, by design, is not easy to find. There are no navigational aids alerting those on other Slowtwitch forums that this forum exists.

That established, this forum is not password protected, it can be seen by anybody, and any Slowtwitch user account allows you to post here. However, if you're not in the bike fit biz as described above, you're free to read, but, please don't post here. If you do, and I'm obliged to block your access to your account, that means all your posting privileges on all Slowtwitch forums are lost.

You may post classifieds and notices here, rather than on the Slowtwitch Classifieds and Notices forums. But, such classifieds must be specific to bike fit, such as, you have a specific fit bike for sale. Or, you're a manufacturer of fit bikes, or a fit tool, and you'd like to alert your fellow fitters to your product.

If you're a professional in this business, you're invited to post anything you'd like that's bike fit or bike geometry related. What's forbidden to post here? I don't know. It's a brand new forum. We'll all make this up as we go along. As such, I'll we'll moderate with a light hand.

Dan Empfield
aka Slowman