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A new geometry database & comparison tools
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Hello everyone

We're building a new tool at geometrygeeks.bike

It's a wiki-like database of bike geometries with the ability to compare several bikes side-by-side. With time, we hope to become the world's biggest database. We're over 1200 bikes now, and growing daily.

We're looking for feedback:
  • What other parameters do we need?
  • What features would be useful?
  • What's good or bad about it?
  • What's intuitive or not?
  • How does it compare with other (paid for?) services you use?

We're genuinely looking to engage with the professional fitter community. We started out building a tool that we ourselves found useful, but with interest from a few fitters in the UK we're wondering if we can create a really useful service for you guys.

Full disclosure - at some point we may want to generate some revenue from the site, but we promise 1) if we do, it'll be good value and 2) basic access to the data and functionality will always be free.

Post on here or drop us a note at hello@geometrygeeks.bike - even if you have nothing to say right now, there's a mailing list on the site you can sign up to.

Many thanks

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