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XL Tri Suits for sale
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These are both great suits in excellent condition, I have just learned that I prefer racing in 2 piece suits.

  1. Wattie Inc. Speedsuit: Ocean Blue Spectrum Collection, only used once for the 70.3 in Madison, basically brand new. Excellent quality, all the right fabrics in all the right places, kept me cool on a REALLY hot day. Great storage options on the back and the hips. This is a toned down, more conservative looking Wattie suit. Brand new is $400.00, Asking $250.00 + shipping Link: https://www.wattieink.com/...?variant=29436369283 SOLD
  2. 2XU sleeveless Xvent Front Zip Sleevelss Speedsuit: Black/Team Red (almost orange), used three times last season, two olympic and one sprint (so again, very close to new). Listed at $160.00 brand new, asking $100.00 + shipping Link: http://www.2xu.com/...olor=BLK_BLK#start=1

Actual photos will be provided upon request.

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Re: XL Tri Suits for sale [MJGuswiler] [ In reply to ]
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Wattie suit is sold, make me an offer on the 2XU
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