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XC skis (skate and classic)
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ok, it seems like a there has been a lot of xc ski talk on the site, so i thought i would offer these up. I used to ski on nothing but fischer, but I am now sponsored by alpina/madshus. So i have 2 pairs of Fischer race stock skis to sell.

Classic: 2002-2003 Fischer RCS 812 mold, classic skis, 205cm. Flexed for 145-160 pounds. Feature the Plus base with an Engineered Tuning grind. Salomon Profil bindings. These were my baby's and were incredibly well cared for. 200.00 plus shipping.

Skate: 2001-2002 Fischer RCS Skate skis, 190cm, Plus base with an Engineered Tuning grind. Tons of Swix wax and always stored with the bases waxed. Salomon Pilot binding. 190.00 plus shipping.


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