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PowerTap Pro - Two Rear Wheels (Tubular 404 and a Training Wheel) and a 404 Front - 700 cc
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I'm selling both my Zipp 404 wheels built with a PowerTap Pro and a clincher training wheel built with a PowerTap Pro. You'll also get two wiring harnesses and one computer. All wheels are 700 cc, Shimano 9/10 speed compatible.

Zipp 58mm deep 360 carbon rim for tubular tire applications
Factory Assembled Zipp Front Wheel
Sapim CX-Ray Aero spoke 250mm Polished stainless
Sapim Polyax Silver Nipple alloy
Powertap Pro Hub System
PT hub only without system package
DT Swiss double butted 2.0mm/1.8mm 270mm
PT Pro spare wiring harness and mount kit
Velox Rim Tape 17mm
Velocity Deep V-Rim

The 404s have a 1/2 IM and full IM on them and the training wheel has approx 1200 miles on it. I paid $2,387.10, asking $1900.00, I'll pay for shipping in the continental US. If they don't sell by 11/5, I'll put them up on eBay.

Message me here on the forum.

Edit: I'll also leave the Continental Sprinter 22m tubies glued to the 404s.

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Re: PowerTap Pro - Two Rear Wheels (Tubular 404 and a Training Wheel) and a 404 Front - 700 cc [Hid] [ In reply to ]
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are you willing to break up this sale individually?


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