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Palm Handheld
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Not really a tri-related item, but I thought I'd see if anyone here wants it before I try to sell it elswhere.

Palm m505 Handheld

- Palm OS software v.4.0
- 8mb internal memory
- SD and MultiMedia card expansion slot for external memory, etc
- Infrared port
- Backlit 65,000 color display

Includes all original software (CD-ROMs), users manuals, charging cradle w/USB connection, one 16MB expansion card, 1 MultiMedia Games expansion card, plus a package of screen protectors and a soft leather case. I downloaded a few games and other software to the unit which I'll leave on there. Otherwise, I'll reset the unit so it is back to the factory defaults. I'll put the handheld, CD-ROMs, cradle, screen protectors, and leather case all in the original box. Compatible with Windows or Mac.

Looks like people are asking about $125 for a comparable deal on eBay, so I'll start there, but make an offer if you're interested. Buyer would pay shipping. I'll take some pictures and post a link, hopefully this week, so you can see it's in good shape.

If you're interested, please send me a private message.


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