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ISO: Specialized Creo or comparable E-Bike (Large or XL)
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I'm looking to get my dad a top of the line E-Bike. Something like the Specialized Creo or similar with preferably gravel wheels. Class 3 motor (28MPH speed) only. Extender battery packs would be an added bonus. Large or XL. He's 6'2". DM on here or IG if you have any leads. Looking to spend less than $6000.

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Re: ISO: Specialized Creo or comparable E-Bike (Large or XL) [justinmetzler] [ In reply to ]
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At 6’2” he will need the “XL” if it will be the Creo, which it should be because it is outstanding. All the Creo’s are 28 mph and, if he gets the S-works version the extra battery (water bottle) comes with it. Otherwise it can be purchased as an accessory. The model I recommended is the Creo SL Comp EVO, listing for $7200. It had the 11R frame, GRX group, 2.0 front shock and 38 pathfinder tires. It worth the extra money imho. It’s just outstanding.

I don’t own one but, have ridden this exact model several times.
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