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Hammerhead Karoo 1 and Garmin Edge 1000 Bike Computers
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I have 2 Hammerhead Karoo 1 and one Garmin Edge 1000.
Each in great working condition.
First Karoo - $270 shipped, second one - $250 shipped (has a scratch on the screen, hence the price). Garmin - $280 shipped (comes with a silicon case, mount and charging cable).
Lmk if you have any questions: info@dmitryyakunin.com or 858-251-78-87

1. Hammerhead Karoo 1

2. Hammerhead Karoo 1 - has a scratch on the screen. It's barely seen when the screen is on though. Comes with a charging cable and a mount.

3. Garmin Edge 1000

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