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FS: shoes, pedals
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Time Impact S, raced/ridden 1 year, with cleats; $95 shipped

Time ATAC Alium, raced/ridden 1 year, with cleats; $65 shipped


Northwave Team, mtb, size 45.5, yellow/black graphics, lorica/mesh, two wide velcro straps, optional laces, neoprene sock, used to go for >150 new; very high Q shoes, rode 'em 10 times, but I don't ride ATB pedals anymore; $45 shipped

Duegi size 44.5, track, perforated black leather, super-stiff wooden sole (the original carbon fiber!), NOS condition; rode 'em once, but too small for me; simply gorgeous; $60 shipped

(Duegi still makes wooden-soled track shoes, and those typically sell for >150; these would be like the ultimate bicycle shoe fetish item...)

These are all very high quality bits; I trust you won't be disappointed. Drop me a line if you're interested: pastashop at prontomail dot com. Thanks for looking!
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