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FS: Vision Metron 81 Front and Disc Ceramic 10spd
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Vision Metron 81 front and Vision Metron Disc wheel, 10 speed hub, ceramic hubs both with carbon skewers.

See Photos -> https://photos.app.goo.gl/wm1n52kjP1fVCGqL7

Shoot me an Offer $$

Description: Small puncture in carbon flange on Disc wheel, NOT structural due to design of wheel, you can look this up on vision wheels. Usually, I put a piece of electric tape over it. Disc wheel is Tubular and current tire is glued. I will also include the adaptor piece shown in the image which allows you to pump tire easier. I used these for the 2019 Race season and then had them sitting in the garage ever since because of Covid. Not racing Triathlon anymore so just want to sell them.

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