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FS: 2018 Canyon Ultimate CL SFX Disc 8.0 siz L
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I've been riding a lot of gravel lately and my road bike has sort of become the odd man out. If I don't ride it on the trainer it basically sits in the garage. I'm not in any big rush to unload it as I don't have a back-up road bike or a replacement in mind, so really looking to see what the actual market is for this thing. I got lowballed at TPC for 2800cash/3k trade in but then they are flipping similarly equipped models for 6k+. So I'd be looking for an offer somewhere in the mid to upper part of that range.

Bike is in great shape, I've done all the maintenance regularly. Chain is in good shape. Wheels are in good shape and true. Just flushed the brakes last fall and put new pads on.

Pictures show a pair of vector 3s on the bikes, but I plan to repurpose those.

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