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Never used, off a new (outlet) Canyon Speedmax that I bought last year.
I am selling because I already had Hed Jet Blacks and I hear braking on carbon rims is not the best)

Official product page: https://www.dtswiss.com/.../aero/arc-1400-dicut
Picture* of the actual wheels: https://photos.app.goo.gl/fUJUB8scSNRagGEt8

I'm asking $1200 for the set + shipping (or if you live in or near S.E. Michigan I can possibly meet to deliver)

* As shown in the picture, they have unused continental tires which I am happy to leave on or remove as you wish.
*I'm planning to keep the Ultegra 11 speed cassette that is shown.
*Not shown but included will be the brake pads
*No skewers (it only came with the canyon skewers, which I am keeping)
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