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Bikes & Wheels
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A bunch of my teammates are looking to sell their bikes and/or wheels. Here is what is up for sale:

2016 Felt IA FRD Size 54
2014 HED Stinger 9 Tubular
2016 Trek Speed Concept 7.5 Size L
2016 Zipp Firecrest Rear Carbon Clincher
2017 Zipp NSW Front Carbon Clincher
2013 Specialized Transition Size 56
2014 Dimond Brilliant Size L
2008 Zipp 404 and 808 Front Wheels Clincher (non-firecrest)
2008 Zipp 808 and 1080 Rear Wheels Clincher (non-firecrest)
2012 Felt DA4 Size 56
2013 Scott Plasma 3 Size 56/L
2013 Specialized Shiv Size L/58
2016 Profile Design 78/24 Carbon Clinchers
2016 Giant Trinity Advanced Pro Size small

Here is a link with a little more information about each item and the sellers contact info. Please e-mail them (in the document) if you have questions or are interested. I can also put you in touch with them if you have questions.



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Re: Bikes & Wheels [stevej] [ In reply to ]
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What would be the price for the 2008 Zipp 808 front and rear set shipped to Toronto, Canada? Do you know if the hub is upgradeable to 11speed?


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Re: Bikes & Wheels [stevej] [ In reply to ]
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Still have the 2008 Zipp 404 Front Wheel Clincher (non-firecrest) for sale?? I have a broken hub on mine. Thanks.
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