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BEFORE YOU POST! Sellers & Buyers AGREE to these CLASSIFIED FORUM rules

1. NOT POLICED: This forum was set up as a convenience for those on our regular triathlon forum, who did not want to be pestered by a plethora of classifieds. Accordingly, our posture toward this forum is passive: We do not actively police the forum for fraud, deception or other bad deeds. It is simply a digital bulletin board for things bought and sold.

2. NO WARRANTY OF SAFETY: What flows from the point above is that we have no way of knowing whether items offered for sale are good, safe, new, used, or whether they even exist. This is not a for-profit auction or classifieds site, it is a free service, we have no way of verifying anything, including whether any new items carry a warranty.

3. YOU ASSUME RISK: You buy and sell at your own risk.

4. HOLD HARMLESS: You, whether buyer or seller, agree to hold us harmless for transactions gone bad.

5. QUALIFIED SELLERS: This forum is for members of the Slowtwitch community. You may not advertise here until you've posted more than 5 times in various Slowtwitch forums; and those posts have to have been written over a period of at least 14 days; such posts made as part of a good faith effort to enter into and be part of the Slowtwitch community. Please do not ask for an exception to this rule. We can't grant you one because the forum is hardcoded to ensure conformity to this rule; we're not going reprogram the forum to grant you your exception.

6. COMMENTS ABOUT BUYERS/SELLERS have something GOOD to say about a buyer/seller, post it in the praise thread. If you have a complaint, post it in the complaints thread.

7. SINGLE THREAD: Only make one thread with all items for sale. It's not fair to other folks to have one person with multiple threads on the front page. If you need to add/subtract an item, that's what the edit button is for.

8. SECONDARY SELLING: This forum is geared toward the secondary market. Those whose business is selling into the primary market (retailers) may use this forum sparingly, and only when you're liquidating items at secondary market prices.

9. NO AUCTION LINKS: Your ad here must be "self-contained". Include whatever it is the reader needs in your Slowtwitch Classified. You may not "point" the reader to another classified or auction link.

10. LIMITED BUMPS: You cannot "bump" your own thread more than once every other day, and never more than 5 times in total. You may not have a friend bump your thread.

11. NO COMMENTARY: You may not "comment" on another seller's classified thread by posting your own similar item for sale in that thread.

12. NO PRESUMPTION OF ANONYMITY: Your participation on this forum as a buyer or seller forfeits any expectation of anonymity. Because participation in this Classifieds forum carries monetary consequences, you AGREE to provide the owner of this forum, Dan Empfield, your name and analog contact info (real physical address and telephone) upon his request. This applies both to those who sell on this forum, and to those who buy anything sold on this forum.

13. THREATS: We may, at our own discretion, and when we perceive a particular threat to buyers or industry partners of this forum board, endeavor to determine the nature of the threat and to remedy or remove the threat. "Threats" include but are not limited to threats to BUYERS (e.g., seller fails to perform on promises; items sold by a seller are routinely damaged or unsafe), and threats to INDUSTRY (e.g., seller traffics in merchandise stolen from bike shops; seller is a professional athlete routinely selling items supposedly for his own use; seller is gray marketing goods sold to entities unauthorized to sell those goods in the U.S. retail market).

14. INTERFERENCE WITH A CONTRACT OR POLICY: Should posts offering items offered for sale interfere with a contract between the item's maker and its direct customer; or should the items be offered for sale in opposition to a stated policy by that maker that applies to all its authorized direct customers; we may at our discretion disallow those posts on our forum.

15. COMPLIANCE WITH APPLICABLE LAW: Sellers must conform to and abide by applicable law when offering their items for sale on this forum. This includes copyright law, so, NO SELLING OF DVDs THAT VIOLATE COPYRIGHTS!

16. THIS IS A LIVING DOCUMENT: This document may change from time to time. Any such change will be announced through a follow up post to this thread.

Dan Empfield
aka Slowman
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