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***others sold*** feeler 202s for an 808c fr
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FS 2 ***1 SET LEFT*****sets of 700 ctraining orinted wheels. Both 32h, 3x, DT spokes, brass nipples, heavy duty! Both Mavics include the appropirate QRs. No cassettes or tires.
(a) ********SOLD***********
(b) *******SOLD**************ca. 2007 Mavic CXP33 with Ultegra 6600 hubs from Colorado Cyclist. Black rim with silver spokes. Approximately 4,000 miles, $140 shipped in conus. I personally think these are better than OPs.

FEELER, possible trade/cash for 808 clincher front - dimples not required. Zipp 202 tubulars, I am the second owner. I think they are ca. 2003/4, they are the "red" carbon version. They are used, not abused. There is a pulse in the front wheel. They absolutely spin smooth and forever, stupid light and fast. New Vittoria Rubino Pros 700x23 in June. Did 2 hill rides and maybe another 25 miles for about 150 total on the tires. Includes a Conti Sprinter spare, used Yellow swiss stop pads for Shimano and 2 non Zipp wheelbags (nothing special). No QRs. I am looking for $580 OBO on the 202s, they are not perfect, but they still rock.

PM me for any pics you want. Thanks

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