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Re: Fox hot to trot on new IRS agents [tyrod1] [ In reply to ]
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Republicans escalate IRS rhetoric as senator warns Americans not to apply for new jobs
Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen emphasized in an internal memo that new resources for the IRS will be aimed at wealthy tax avoiders, as GOP rhetoric reaches new extremes.

GOP continues to spew lies about the IRS


enforce the tax laws against high net-worth individuals, large corporations, and complex partnerships who today pay far less than they owe."

"As I wrote last week, these investments will not result in households earning $400,000 per year or less or small businesses seeing an increase in the chances that they are audited relative to historical levels," Yellen wrote, emphasizing that the funds would help "improve taxpayer service, modernize technology, and increase equity in our system of tax administration by pursuing tax evasion by those at the top who today do not pay their tax bill."

much of the new staffing would go toward returning phone calls and processing tax refunds, with additional funds designed to modernize outdated technology so the agency can “target more sophisticated tax evaders” as opposed to lower-income taxpayers.

"The story for ordinary Americans who are compliant with their taxes is that this is great for them. They’re more likely to have their returns processed quickly, they’re more likely to have their phone calls returned," Clausing said. "It’s less likely they’ll be audited because the IRS will have the skill and technology to target the audits to those who really should be targeted."

Scott's allusions to agents' alleged license to kill, meanwhile, can be traced back to a job posting for a special agent at the IRS's Criminal Investigation division, which has been falsely depicted as a listing for other positions in the agency. The distortions have proliferated among conservatives on social media and have been incorporated into Republican campaign messages ahead of the Nov. 8 midterm election.
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