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Changing Courses
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       I'm down here in Miami, getting ready to go out and preview tomorrow's marathon course. Looking at the map, I think it's so much better than the old Orange Bowl course, but I like the idea that we will run some parts of the old course (Coconut Grove). It makes me wonder why there is always so much resistance to course changes at existing races. A lot of races need some changes. New York Marathon could use a whole new course, more Manhatten less Brooklyn forget Staten Island. Lake Placid could use an entrely new run, that run is awefull. But is seems that once a course is set it is cast in stone. Kona needs to change but people a ready to go to war about it. The historic course and all. Come now, most of the athletes are older than the course. Even Boston has moved the start and finish around a little and their course is historic!

I think racers and race directors should be open minded about the races we do. Let things improve and develop in this young and growing sport and not get mired down by tradition like bicycle racing.

Time to go out, wish me luck!

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