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How many measuring scoops do I need?
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Every time I open a can of Accelerade, Endurox, etc. it comes with a measuring scoop. It is convenient to save the old one so you don’t have to dig out the one that is buried half way down the next can you open. But I save them ALL. They are measuring devices and could be useful for something. My wife has some in her kitchen. I have some in my shop. There is a box that soon will be filled to the top.

I wish these companies would let me buy their product for 5 cents less, without a scoop. They would save. The environment would be ever so slightly improved. And I wouldn’t be wondering what to do with all these scoops.
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Re: How many measuring scoops do I need? [Oldaveguy] [ In reply to ]
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I would say you need a minimum of 30-40... just in case.


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