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Cervelo P4 size 54, Quarq PM, Zipp Vuka Bull/PD Cockpit- $1350
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Looking to find a new home for my beloved Cervelo P4! I have ridden this bike a TON for 4 years (over 20,000 miles, half indoor and half outdoor), but have upgraded to a better suited long-distance TT bike. I've loved riding this bike and am hoping to find a new home where the bike can continue to be a rocketship on course. Hoping that the price listed is fair, but feel free to message with offers.

Here's what's available- right now hoping to sell together
- P4 frameset gen 1 (pre-evo) size 54- 10 spd SRAM red mechancial derailers, 1 bottle + 1 cut open for flat storage kit
- Zipp Vuka aero basebar with profile design 35 carbon extensions and SRAM TT brake levers
- quarq DZero PM GXP, 172.5 with 52-36 ultegra chainrings (4x107 asymmetirc BCD)
- Brontrager race lite aluminum training wheels (front 23mm GP4000 tire, rear trainer tire, 12-30 10 spd cassette)

Full Pictures available here:
P4: https://drive.google.com/...4qZqY-O8-biab0TQzyFe

- frame: 54 gen 1 (e.g. pre-evo, with the original rear brake). I worked with my trusty mechanic last year to get the rear brake working as well as I ever have. I won’t call it great, but by TT bike standards, it’s not bad.
- stem: currently have a 100mm -17 degree strength mounted, but I’ll include the 80mm stem which came with bike
- GXP BB (I have a dub BB as well if you want to change out the cranks)
-wheels: bontrager race aluminum training wheels, front with a GP4k and rear with a trainer tire. Plus the HED disc for the rear should you want it- it fits like a glove in the bike.
- saddle: specialized sitero round rails. Has some scuffs being white and the cushion is just starting to fray at one edge, but fine for riding.
- accessories (should you want): 3 integrated bottles (one cut open as a flat storage kit, other 2 cleaned after use), dual mount rear cages, gold KMC SL 10 speed chain used for racing and outdoor riding, extra 10 speed cassettes
- Overall condition is fair (being totally transparent here). Has never been crashed, but has some light scuffs and scratches from use/travel (see pictures, nothing too obvious) and some stiff headset bearings from sweating in southern summers.
- Rear derailler shifter (SRAM 900 10spd TT) doesn't hold position (dumps into the smallest sprocket)- groupset shifts and functions fine with a functional shifter. I've tried to work on it but can't get the spring strong enough to hold the position.
- Rear dropouts are frozen- you just have to line up the wheel manually and tighten down the skewer, no issues once you do. Set far out for high volume tires (no issues fitting 25mm, even 28mm should be doable)
- Few cosmetic scratches and scuffs (see pics, nothing that stands out other than from close inspection)

-basebar: Zipp vuka bull circa 2012 or so, believe it’s 40cm wide and with clip on bars. Light and comfortable when climbing, no rise on the pursuit bars.
-Extensions mounted currently are profile design 35 carbon extensions. I also have a full set of spacers and screws to adjust stack height from 2.5mm to 60mm

- very good condition, lots of life left in the rings and readings match with my newer DZero Dub Quarq
- 4x107 BCD spacing, compatible with shimano, Rotor, and other aftermarket rings
- currently has 52-36 Ultegra chainrings with plenty of life left
- GXP spindle (I also have a BB30 to GXP spindle to use with a BB30 frame)

I can ship, buyer pays additional shipping. Local pickup also available in the greater Charlotte, NC area.
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Re: Cervelo P4 size 54, Quarq PM, Zipp Vuka Bull/PD Cockpit- $1350 [mikeridesbikes] [ In reply to ]
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Back home from the holidays and giving a bump with new pricing! For anyone looking to get started in tris or looking for a top level short TT/tri machine, you can't get much faster than the P4!
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Re: Cervelo P4 size 54, Quarq PM, Zipp Vuka Bull/PD Cockpit- $1350 [mikeridesbikes] [ In reply to ]
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Still on the market?
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Re: Cervelo P4 size 54, Quarq PM, Zipp Vuka Bull/PD Cockpit- $1350 [mikeridesbikes] [ In reply to ]
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Is this bike still available?
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