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Felt IA FRD Disc Brake Black TT bike 54 SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I have a Felt IA FRD Disc brake Black TT bike size 54 available. This bike has MAYBE 100 miles on it. I bought it new in 2019 (2020 Model) in attempt time trial comeback after horrific crash during RAAM in 2017. I thought I was ok but I developed extreme vertigo while in the aero position. I have held onto the bike with the hope that I would overcome the vertigo but no luck.

So begrudgingly I have decided to sell the bike. I have almost $15k into it. Below is the description:

Size 54 IA FRD black disc frame
SRAM AXS red 1x aero front crank 172.5 with power meter
SRAM disc brake group set
Zipp Super 9 rear disk disc brake
Zipp 454 NSW front wheel
SRAM TT disc brake set
Fiziik Carbon rail saddle
SRAM RED AXS rear Derailluer

I have all the orginal spacer kits if needed to adjust fit. Selling the bike is a gut punch both in terms of never being able to time trial again AND loosing my ass on the sale of it. I am asking $8000 and will help on shipping. I live in Atlanta GA if anyone nearby is interested. Anyone who knows me will be the first to tell you my bikes are all like new but this one for all intents is new. My email is raybrown@mindspring.com.If you hit me up I'll send pictures and try to answer any questions you have.
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Re: Felt IA FRD Disc Brake Black TT bike 54 [iurnman] [ In reply to ]
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USAT Level II- Ironman U Certified Coach
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Re: Felt IA FRD Disc Brake Black TT bike 54 [iurnman] SOLD [ In reply to ]
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Sold to an awesome Coach in Nashville!!!! Thanks everyone for your interest!
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