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FS: NEW Prologo Dimension NDR NACK Carbon Rail 143 Saddle - anthracite / black---SOLD
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Prologo Dimension NDR NACK 143 Saddle - anthracite / black


The NDR (born to be MTB oriented) has 3mm extra padding than Dimension 143 in order to reduce all vibrations come off the ground. On the sides Prologo adds “side protector” to avoid scratches or damages.
The Dimension saddle is developed with the best male and female pro teams alongside everyday cyclists.

PAS technology, perineal area system, is studied with a saddle central tunnel in order to eliminates pressure spikes and numbness in the pelvic and prostatic area. PAS ensures the maximum bloody flow of genital and perineal man and woman body.

NACK rail:
Nack identifies the saddle rail range produced with a monocoque carbon structure. Prologo R&D has engineered the seat post clamping area by a specific nano carbon fiber technology named BRC in order to support the maximum stress under the seat post clamp tightening. BCR is the acronym of Braided Carbon Rail.

Fact Sheet -
Prologo Dimension NDR NACK 143 Saddle - anthracite / black
Product Name: Prologo Dimension NDR NACK 143 Saddle - anthracite / black
Manufacturer: Prologo
Item Code: PLO425730
activity: Bike
gender: men, unisex
usage: MTB, Road, Gravel
rail clamp style: oval rails
pressure relief: with Relief / Cutout
saddle cover: Synthetic
saddle rails: Carbon
length x width: 245 x 143mm
Model year: 2021
Color: Black, Grey
weight: 157g
manufacturer item code: DIENNA3AB80-AM

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