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Cables/Housing are they all the same??
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Finally getting around to ordering cables for my new build-up. I've never used anything but plain ol' cables (dura ace and others). Are the teflon coated cables worth the extra cost? How about kevelar housing- it looks way cool and I found it for not much more than dura ace. There are also the more expensive Metawire cable sets which seem pricey for cables. Is shifting/braking really improved by any of these fancier setups?


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Re: Cables/Housing are they all the same?? [Sweet] [ In reply to ]
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I used the Gore Tex cables years ago, and when I got to a point where I couldn't even afford to pay attention, I went back to well-lubed regular cables. Result? I could not tell THAT of a much difference.

If you like the Kevlar housing- go for it. I just get what ever matches my bike. It usually has a nice sleeve on the inside, and costs maybe $1.00 per foot. I replace cables once per season, and I think it makes things shift smoothly on a very consistent basis. I have not had a mechanical DNF from a cable popping apart as a result.

I have not seen the Meta wire cables. I did remember once that a company was making aircraft quality (read: lifetime) cables. They were always advertised in the back of Bicycling magazine. They were custom made. I had never seen a set in use, and I did not read the magazine that tested the cables.

Bottom line is this- if kevlar cable housings make you feel good, go for them. But I have yet to see any evidence that really expensive cables make that much of a difference. It's not like it's a ceramic or titanium nitride-coated bearing in a hub.
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