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Group Eleven – Websites and Creative Services for Athletes
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I wanted to share this project of mine: Group Eleven (https://www.groupeleven.co)
It is a web app that lets athletes create slick, professional websites really quickly and easily – no coding or design skills needed.

Triathletes of note on G11 include Matt Russell, Matt Hanson, Eric Lagerstrom and Rudy Von Berg. There's also some age groupers.

In addition, I a run a small design studio, G11 Creative Services (https://groupeleven.co/creative), and have done things like Lesley Smith's 2019 race suit (the pink one), Taylor Reid's Canadiana bike paint job, Cody Beal's website, and an ST fav, Premier Bike's updated bike livery.

I created it because I couldn't believe how many top level athletes have terrible online destinations, running on totally outdated platforms like Blogger or old Wordpress, with "Last updated: 2016" in the footer. It's not that they don't want to update their pages, it's that it's just such a headache with every other platform. I set out to remove the barriers and hurdles and make something that lets you get up and running faster than your 5k PB. I can get into more details if anyone is interested, but basically, I set some hard limitations to ensure success: single page and limited customization (to encourage focused content), sport-specific features (results table, sponsors area) and no blog (the blog is mostly dead/unnecessary, for athletes).

Group Eleven – Websites for Athletes / mikael.racing / @mstaer
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