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Felt IA Stem Problem
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Looking to fit a pair of morf-tech bars which are a standard 31.8 to a 2015 Felt IA

Problem is the felt integrated stem option is a 110mmx-16, which would result in me needing 45+ of risers, which morf-tech doesn't have as they top out at 25, as their risers don't stack and would likely need a cross brace created which they also don't have, as they assume an adjustable stem.

So I'm looking for any solutions / ideas that would be around the 90-110 x 30 range.

There are of course non-integrated options, this problem was explained well by Dan in his post about IA fitting in 2018

I was hoping someone might have come up with a better custom integrated solution since then?

Maybe something from the 3d printing community?
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