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Drones & our epic tri video trailer
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I scripted a video last fall based on the song "Destined". I thought it would work for a Lionel video and sent it to Talbot, and even got permission to use the song (we gigged with these guys). I imagined the use of a drone to capture some epic shots.

OK so this past month, after looking around I finally scooped a Mavic Air2 and had planned to execute the script using my kids as actors. But! they were all over flying the damn thing so I had to SBR :).

3 shoots, the original swim, a bike shoot in 15 mins and then a quick run thing. Took just 45 mins.
- Drone camera is amazing.
- Final scene is where I ditched the active track on the bike (bike is too fast).
My son had to save the drone as I was coming back. That's him on flight controls as I round the corner.
- Run was shot with active track as was the pedal stand
- The accolades scene was done on a Canon (lower rez)

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Re: Drones & our epic tri video trailer [SharkFM] [ In reply to ]
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Cool stuff, looks like a nice area where you at
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