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I want to run in Boulder, CO (October 3-5)
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Hey guys / gals,
My family and I are going to visit my daughter who is training Putin Boulder right now with a few of her college Tri friends (while everything is virtual). While there, my son and I want to get a few runs in (think ....... Magnolia Road). I want to bike too but probably wont lug mine out there / maybe I’ll rent one for one day. Anyhow- back to the run ......... anyone / locals or otherwise currently training out there interested in trying to get together for a run sometime while we are out there? Won’t have much time to get acclimated from our sea-level pancake flat so realistically thinking anywhere from 6:55 min/mile pace to 8:00 min/mile pace (15’ish miles)?
We’ll be staying at Homewood Suites in Boulder.
Thanks all! PM me if interested.
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Re: I want to run in Boulder, CO (October 3-5) [Y-Tri] [ In reply to ]
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I assume you're driving up Magnolia Rd and then running? That's one of the steepest climbs around.

I see a lot of people running at the top of Sunshine Canyon too.

Those are both at higher elevations and in October that might be worse weather conditions.

If so, you may want to park at the Eagle trailhead near the Boulder reservoir and run on those trails.

I'm limited to biking due to a bad disc in my back. If you need a guide for biking let me know.

Pactimo brand ambassador, Pactimo.com. I sometimes have discount codes, PM me if you're interested.
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Re: I want to run in Boulder, CO (October 3-5) [damn lucky] [ In reply to ]
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Thx! Yep- I’d probably drive the first 5 miles.

Keep ya posted on the biking if I can sort that. If you have any mapped routes, I’ll pass them along to my daughters team.

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