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Options for Today's Plan bike workouts on a Wahoo KICKR?
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As the title says.....options for Today's Plan bike workouts on a Wahoo KICKR?

Coach puts my bike workouts into Today's Plan and it appears their (TP) "friendly" app is Zwift which I don't use and didn't like it when I tried it. Apparently TP workouts sync directly over to Zwift and then back to TP once done with all the metrics, etc. This is exactly what I need.

I have a TrainerRoad sub but they don't sync. You can do a workaround exporting the TP file and then use the TR custom workout creator, upload it, etc. That is a ton of work I don't care to do and it still doesn't push the completed workout and data to TP when done.

So, what are y'all using that makes this process easy to get your TP workouts done and then see the finished work on TP? If Zwift is my only option for ease of use, then I'll do it. I just don't like the Zwift program and the gamer type feel of it.

Thanks for any input!

Cheers, Ray
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