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Re: Power Cranks Questions [tri_taiwan] [ In reply to ]
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Hi Tri-T,

considering I am one of those who will race on PC this season, I will try to make my point.

OK, if you completely adapt to them, then you don't need them anymore. However, if you look for example in swimming, even the best in the world lose a bit of technique towards the end of the event.
It is certainly similar in an IM, if you check the splits, everyone slows down towards the end.
With the PC, you can not drop back to a sloppy technique.
They will basically be there to remind me :"hey what kind of technique is this?"

Second reason: hopefully, I will have some good races and give some exposure in races to PC. Most people don't know them yet.
I truly believe in the product and would be glad to promote them the best I can.
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