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Re: Critique my position [Alwaysrunning99] [ In reply to ]
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I could be wrong, but looking at the vid he is slightly longer torso/shorter legs. If the seat is dropped 1cm, the bars can be as well. I almost think he could slide slightly forward as well or rotate more which would necessitate a slightly longer stem and it appears to pretty long already.
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Re: Critique my position [Alwaysrunning99] [ In reply to ]
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Alwaysrunning99 wrote:
ericMPro wrote:
tri_big_boy wrote:
He has like one spacer under his stem.....

I’m not saying it doesn’t work, I’m saying a bigger bike, which would be one spacer’s worth higher, would be perfect.

Wait. So when someone comes on here looking for sound advice, your response is get a bigger bike to remove spacers?

The man or anyone posting a video here just wants a few pointers. Unless it is truly impossible don’t just go around telling people they need a new bike so they can have a slammed stem.

My critique was specific for this particular person. And I was conservative, like another poster said he could see the guy getting even longer, needing a new stem.

Also, it’s a *critique*, not an attaboy or love fest. I critiqued what I critiqued because there wasn’t much left to say. He did a good job. He is free to act or not act on that.

The fact is, either a lot of people are on a TT bike one size too small, put there by bike shops probably, or I have no idea what I’m talking about with regard to bike fit.

You choose.

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Re: Critique my position [Jmcn] [ In reply to ]
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Just wondering, did anyone see you training for your first 70.3? How much time do you have on tt?
I say it is an aggressive position for someone who is just going to try on a 70.3, "first 70.3", I think they should also take that as a reference.
The differences between positioning styles, between different fiters, is normal, but I don't know if it helps.
Nobody has the final word but it is not necessary to criticize another, they should only give their opinion and within what you can help the person that is being shown in the video.

ericMPro, Thank you for all your help, I will always be grateful, VERY VERY thanks from Uruguay

Sorry my english.
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