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GenoPalate (nutrition guided by your genes) - legit?
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I forked over $40 to have this company process my 23andme data and recommend me a nutritional breakdown of what has been shown to work "best" for my genetic makeup. No blood work or anything, it's strictly based on the data I received from 23andme after I sent them my spit.

How much stock should I take in their suggestions? It tells my high carb/high protein/low fat diet is likely the best. It also gives me a number of recommended foods and advises that I could be at risk for various micro nutrient deficiencies (i.e., folate and vitamin d).

I'm only seeking input from those in the medical/nutrition/science realm who understand how these "correlation causation" gene services pan out.


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Re: GenoPalate (nutrition guided by your genes) - legit? [cloy] [ In reply to ]
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My opinion is that the science is not there yet to say with any kind of definitive statement that a few gene's have that dramatic of an effect on your well being with regards to changing your nutrient profile.

For example, one thing they mention on their webpage is the TCF7L2 gene and "low fat" together. I found info that TCF7L2 may be associated with the WnT signalling pathway. This pathway is partially involved in glucose uptake by cells from the bloodstream. So does that mean that certain genotypes of this gene allow you to uptake more glucose into the cells, and therefore a high carb diet is "better" or another variation of the gene leads to a lesser ability to uptake glucose into the cell, so you'd be better served by a "low carb" diet? To me, that seems like a stretch to me, but maybe there is more science behind it. My bet is that the stuff they are looking at might make tenths of a percent difference and I wouldn't consider the changes that would come about to be "low hanging fruit" but rather the tippy top of a potential marginal gain.
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