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Cairo, Egypt velodrome
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Hi people! I don’t know if you guys heard about it but the 2020 junior world track championships are in Cairo Egypt... do someone know if a open (the track has a roof but no sides) similar to Cali, Colombia is world record breaking fast or it’s a disadvantage. Thanks!
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Re: Cairo, Egypt velodrome [Mathias] [ In reply to ]
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As you probably know, track surface/boards used/ and how it's built often effect the speed of the physical track. I'm not sure what the pressure generally is in Cairo (although you can find the averages online) but it's pretty close to sea level, which generally isn't optimal for record setting.
Most records are attempted indoors because it "removes" a variable you can't really control. Having the sides open to wind influences / etc is not ideal.

That said... if you can put out the watts at the cda you mentioned in the other thread and don't have a meltdown the final 500/1k, you might still be on target.

*current record
Finn Fisher-Black 3:09:710 in New Zealand

That's a pretty insane time honestly... I wish you luck!

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