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Energi bars and their fat/protein content
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Looking for some ST wisdom on this topic, as my knowledge is being challenged by the products I'm looking at.

I have always used HIGH5 energy bars, as they have until recently been Ironman EU tour on course nutrition, and they work great for my stomach. Only issue is they dont taste well. I'm therefore in the market of finding a good alternative (not from some indie company that is not here tomorrow), to use for e.g. Bike portion of IM/IM70.3 races and longer training rides, in combination with gels/bottles ofcourse. I have always thought of it as a bar with high carb content and low fat/protein content.

But when looking a different companies bars (Powerbar, Cliff bar and SIS), they all seem to have a higher both fat and protein content (especially Cliff is an extreme outlier), while SIS and powerbar have a somewhat higher protein/fat content around 2 g/bar higher). Is there an idea behind this, and is there any practical issues with this. I would think more fat/protein would be harder for the stomach to absorb, especially during a race? Am i off? Am i looking at unimportant difference and should just find one that i like? I'm thinking Cliff bar is out of the window already, even though they are SUPER tasty.

Let me know what you think/what I'm missing.
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