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Re: Atrial Fibrillation, riding and training [shoki] [ In reply to ]
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shoki wrote:
Do you have any more insight on mineral level?
I just checked my numbers (which are a 3 weeks apart) showed that I have higher numbers (Magnesium,Calcium,potassium) with afib than 3 weeks before during regular check up.
All of em are on the higher side within the recommended range.

normal numbers are normal numbers-low normal can be a trigger-especially K, or mag (not calcium-sorry folks)
in cardiology, K is normal above 4 (not 3.5 ish like most labs) and too high is very bad---K baths are used to stop hearts in the OR for open heart surgery...
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Re: Atrial Fibrillation, riding and training [dtoce] [ In reply to ]
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After reading your entire response, it is hard to see where your conclusion that caffeine is something to be avoided if you want to prevent atrial fibrillation comes from.
Personally, I don’t use caffeine anyway.

I do agree everything is personal, and if someone wants to avoid something like caffeine because they think it’s dangerous, there’s no harm, but there are not studies that show caffeine causing a-fib, only anecdotal evidence, like a “few patients” over your “30” years. That’s not a scientific conclusion, that is sticking to your own supposition in the face of scientific studies, a very human cognitive bias.

However if you want to tell patients that it could be a trigger, you’re certainly not gonna hurt them and erring on that side is harmless cautiion. The studies, like the ones you cite, suggest it is not needed.

For slowtwich purposes, 400mg is a TON of caffeine and more than necessary for any athletic benefit. And common sense would suggest caffeine and training while sick or super tired(or if you’ve had a fib already) would not be advised.

Lastly, as I said in my first response, I was quoting my doctor who ablated me with 100% success; and I would highly suggest people get a doctor they trust and listen to them.

Love the House of God reference too, “turf” and “gomer” should be in Websters.
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Re: Atrial Fibrillation, riding and training [dtoce] [ In reply to ]
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Thanx dtoce for chiming in. Just read a little about (which was kind of confusing) and would throw in my numbers, maybe it says something:
(Normal) March,5th
Natrium 139
Kalium 4.58
Calcium 2.38
(Afib) April,30th.........ven (don’t know the diff cause it was taken at once)
Natrium 140.7 ....... 143
Kalium 5.07 ............ 4.6
Calcium 2.51 ........... 1.24 (ion)

Kinda strange to me is, when you say high K is bad....I got 4x 315 Kalium-Ione (Kalinor retard), 200mg Mag and 2.5 mg biosporol an hour before 200 mg flac. Which put me back to normal rhythm after an hour.
I’m on Lixiana 60,Candesartan 16,Biosporol 2.5 and Simvastatin 20, if that matters.

When I read that intensive muscle pain can lead to cell damage which can lead to release of Kalium which gets into the blood is kinda worrying cause we all go throw this from time to time.
Any hints highly appreciated.

Didn’t want to Hijack this but it might brings up something for everyone.

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