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Re: Jorgensen has surgery out for 3 months minimum [mag900] [ In reply to ]
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mag900 wrote:
JeffJ wrote:
monty wrote:
What am I missing here, last years NCAA D1 final, looks like Ali would have won it, and only 7 guys in the 28's?


Like I said before, everyone can draw their line in the sand on what is world class. I think if you are near the top 200 in the world on a given year in just about any sport, you are world class. If you play baseball, football, soccer, golf, and a hoard of other sports, you are probably competing at the highest level, in the largest forum for that sport. To me, that is world class, but feel free to choose your own line..

I'd say you are missing by comparing a championship race time to a PR time in an event....33 different guys in D1 have run in the 28s this year. It's pretty common in many big stage races for the final to be slow and tactical. A lot of those 28 min NCAA guys won't even be all americans this year. I agree it is very fast...but if 30 guys ran that fast in college this year it seems a stretch to call 28s world class in my mind...but I get where you are coming from as it is very fast at the national level for the guys who keep grinding after college...

and you are missing comparing what a professional triathlete, who had won the olympic gold the prior august who hops in a 10k for kicks one time with no speed work at the beginning of his tri season, with a bunch of collegiate guys who have taken multiple cracks at time trialing the distance. do you seriously think he would not have broken 28 had he focused on the 10k in 2013?

Are you talking to me? I never talked about about AB "might" run or whether he can beat a bunch of college kids. I was talking about the reference to a 28 min 10k being world class and using college kids for a frame of reference. Regarding guessing what someone may run, who knows....a 30 second improvement at that level is significant and impossible to guess for anyone until it actually happens. A lot of people had bold predictions what the women's triathlon gold medal winner would do in the marathon with 100% run focused training...
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Re: Jorgensen has surgery out for 3 months minimum [JeffJ] [ In reply to ]
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Yeah and almost none of those predictions were that she would be a winner. Most predicted very little success or injury. So, I guess the latter groups are still on track to be correct.
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