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2009 S-Works Transition (Brakes)
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Hi everyone,

I am in the process of rebuilding my 2009 Specialized Transition S-Works and want to change the rubbishSpecialized brakes that come with the bike for something else.

The problem is that the mounting holes are M8 instead of the normal M6 that all of the brakes I have managed to find come in.

I have found several posts about Transition brakes on the forum but haven't managed to find anything that will help.

One post suggested the TRP 925s or Oval A700s, the problem is that my bike is Direct Mount instead of the single-bolt mount that the 925s or A700s have.

My question is:
Are there any Direct-Mount brakes that come in a M8 mounting bolt size instead of the standard M6?

I have looked at the TRP T850 Centre Pull brakes. Has anyone tried these on the Transition or know if they will fit (they look very similar to the brakes that the Transition comes with).

My only other thought was to drill the M8 mounting bolts out and thread them internally in M6 to create a M8 'collar' to fit over a standard M6 mounting bolt brake caliper but I don't think that there will be enough of the bolt left to thread it internally if I do.

Any thoughts would be really appreciated.
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