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Has anyone ever modified a Scicon Aerocomfort bag?
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The last time I traveled with my Scicon bag, the wheels must have gotten hooked in a conveyor belt during baggage handling. When I picked up the bag in Arrivals, the two front casters were bent bag, the bike had come off the internal frame, and the bottom nylon was torn. There was some minor damage to the bike.

For an upcoming trip I was wondering if it would be wiser to remove the wheels. But then the bag wouldn't stand up on its own, meaning it would just fall over on its side even more. I've also thought about adding rigid foam along the walls to protect the frame when the bag does get pushed onto its side.

This is not a post about soft vs hard cases. I wish I had a bought a hard case. I didn't. I don't have the money to buy one now. I live in an area where borrowing or renting one is not possible.

Has anyone modified or reinforced a soft case? Any advice?
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Re: Has anyone ever modified a Scicon Aerocomfort bag? [hyr00] [ In reply to ]
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I have an aerocomfort bag and I haven't reinforced the case. I do have extra pads that I put on pretty much all frame tubes and fork legs, and have had no frame damage so far.

The casters they put on are crappy. I had mine bend, the bearings fall out, or the wheel fall apart. I replaced them with another set of casters and 2 of those got bent on my last trip so I am looking for anther set of casters.
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