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Re: Oceanside Race Report - 1st OA Female [AquaBikePatti65] [ In reply to ]
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AquaBikePatti65 wrote:
Totally great race report and AWESOME performance! Massive Congrats! I am intrigued by your experience with the HUUB vs. Roka wetsuit, as I too, am broad through the upper torso and feel constricted by my Roka suit. Do you mind me asking your height and weight stats? I am 5'7" and 149 pounds for reference. I'd like to try a HUUB prior to my first IM this fall!

I am now following your journey on Instagram! Many thanks!


Thanks and for the follow!

I was skeptical about the sizing the HUUB customer help desk suggested as I was thinking I am both shorter and heavier than the guide... but they got it exactly right. Would recommend having a chat with them if you are thinking about getting one as they are pretty helpful and also offered to send some demo suits (as was worried about fit) so didn't have to think about returns etc

I'm 5"7 and 150-155 depending on the day

The ST Brownlee Agilis (which is a Mens/Unisex suit) is recommended for 5'8-6.0 and for 130-150lb .In terms of fit, when mine is on (and they have a great video on their website) it runs down to just below the belly of the calf, so a little longer than my Roka. Takes me about 5-7 mins to get it on (vs. 1-2 for the Roka)

Full size guide in this link: https://huubdesign.com/...is-triathlon-wetsuit

Hope that helps and good luck!
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